xy-wb wifi tx/rx


Is anyone using these little tx/rx pairs? I bought a couple of pairs cheap, thinking they were compatible with the nRF24l01 but it seems not. I can't find any examples of these being used. There are umpteen diagrams and some with pinouts, but I don't know how they are connected to a Uno or nano and what libraries you need.

I qould appreciate some help in this.


Does the chip have any markings?
If it's a LT8920 then you'll find a datasheet and Arduino library on the web.

Hi mikb,

The Chip has the following:

and a 12.000 crystal .


The ads, like this one, say it is the LT8920.

Proceed under that assumption, as advised above. Arduino library

were you able to have that XY-WB working ? I am struggling with the pinout and I cannot understand how it connects to the arduino. The suggested library are not clear with the connections.