XYZ-DC Motor Controller for Arduino Released Today

I released just now XYZ-DC Motor Control, a complete controller board working with arduino (at least duemilanove board) to manage up to three Stepper Motors and one DC-Motor with heating control (temperature sensor and fan cooler), EEProm memory to store parameters and configurations, LCD display and a set of macro commands and more.
I think that its main interesting aspect is that this is a complete board with a very small price.

See more on Arduino Playground and on the Main Project Page.

This project is part of - in progress - XYZ-Stepper, the milling machine project based on Arduino.

Enjoy! :wink:

Alicemirror, you say "DC Motor Controller .... to manage ... Stepper Motors". Which is correct? They are two different types, and use different type controllers. If it is an actual stepper motor controller, is it coordinated motion? And does it allow for acceleration/decelleration? Thanks.


I think that the best thing is you take a look at all the project page...

The project name is "XYZ-DC Motor Controller" Alias - as I wrote everywhere - a complete controller based on Arduino which main characteristics are the following:

  • XYZ (Three axis) stepper controller
  • DC motor controller (in a CNC machine used for the electric tool on the z-axis) with speed control and more.
  • Heating control with fan cooler and thermal sensor
  • EEPRom memory to store configuration parameters and macro commands
  • Six limiter swtches
  • Manage independent power lines for the stepper and dc motors
  • More...


So it does both stepper and DC-motors, then? That's pretty neat. I need a 3-axis stepper motor controller with coordinated motion and acceleration/deceleration, and have spent a lot of time researching many other products to get just these basic answers. Thought about building my own, but if I find one that does these at a decent price, I'll just buy it. Hoping you can give me a quick answer to these questions without me having to sift through all the docs. Thanks.

Yes, it do this. The interesting fact is that there is also the sofwtare (i'm working on test now) that manage completely all the functions:

Please write me by mail directly so I cand help you also in future in development. I sell also this product. The essential I think can cost to you less thant 35 euros. But we can also discuss about a lower price if you have the devices so I can send you the sockets only.

mail me directly to (or skype me searching for alicemirror)

cheers. Enrico

Hi - nice work.
I assume the version you are selling is a proper PCB rather than the prototype board shown in the picture, or... ?

Just curious


Sure, obvious :slight_smile:

The pcb has all components socketed in respect that you can change them with others pin-compabile regarding the kind of motors you plan to use. Actually for the tool motor (dc-motor) I found small things with more than 100 g/cm torque that wors between 0 and 3.3V and other that works at 4.5-12 or 5 - 15

Cheers. Enrico