Y and Z axis work at the same time,even i send command only for 1 axis

Hi all,
i have a problem in y and z axis. ı am using arduino uno+cnc shild with GRBL compiled. .If send command to move only the y axis in both(+/-) directions, z axis goes + direction too at the same time with y axis. and if i try to move z axis only in both directions this time y axis moves only + direction, again at the same time with z axis. btw I used 2 step motor for y axis
There are several threads i read from forums but i didnt have a solution for this problem
Is there anyone having problems similiar to mine?

My CNC's board specs:
Arduio UNO R3(clone)
-Microcontroller : ATmega328
Operating voltage : 5V
Input Voltage(rec.) : 7-12V
Input voltage (limit) : 6-20V
Dijital I/O Pins : 14 (6 for PWM)
Analog Input Pins : 6
Current for I/O (max) : 40 mA
Current for 3.3V output(max) : 50 mA
Flash Memory : 32 KB (ATmega328) 0.5 KB for bootloader
SRAM : 2 KB (ATmega328)
EEPROM : 1 KB (ATmega328)

Arduino Uno Cnc Shield V3 compatible with A4988 (2 stepper motor in Y axis)

grbl v1.1:GitHub - grbl/grbl: An open source, embedded, high performance g-code-parser and CNC milling controller written in optimized C that will run on a straight Arduino

And i am sure the connections are in the right places.

i used this project as an example: DIY Dremel CNC #2 frame assembly (Arduino, aluminium profiles, 3D printed parts) - YouTube

btw I used 2 step motor for y axis

How are the A step and A dir jumpers set on the CNC shield? A photo would help.

i did the same that shown in the picture for double y axis.I will add some photos when i get back home after work.
I started to think my arduino or cnc shield is the problem. I read a topic in grbl forums that someone mentioned resoldering the arduino uno pins. this might be the solution but i am not capable of doing that so i will order new ones i think