Yahoo! Now Works w/ older MacBook Pro. What Changed in v1.8.2?

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!! After 3 years of being unable to get Arduino recognized on my USB on my MacBook Pro (mid 2014) it now works with v1.8.2.

Granted, I also updated my system software to Sierra 10.12.3 at the same time, so I may have muddled the variables here and never know the issue. It used to work fine on my older iMac, but when I switched over to a MacBook Pro in 2014, I could never see the device on my USB unless I accessed it via Windows on a Parallels partition. Weird. There were lots of similar issues posted on the web, and it was hit or miss for a solution. Curiously, I also had problems with previous Arduino versions on devoted PCs as well.

I gave up and abandoned Arduinos after posting for help years ago when I got some pretty "you are too stupid to deserve a answer" responses. Sad, because I love the board and tinkering with this stuff.

Anyways, and for whatever reason, it now works with v1.8.2. Did something change? Or is it just dumb luck on my part with the new OS recognizing the USB ports (previously, like others, I could only see Bluetooth in the menu).

Happy happy happy...... now I get to break out my Evil Genius books and my oscilloscope and pursue world domination once more :slight_smile: