YAMC (Yet Another MIDI Controller)

I’m putting together a MIDI controller specifically for myself to control the way I use MixMeister Fusion.

MIDI output will be done using a USB/MIDI adapter as per shiftmore: Quick and Dirty Arduino Midi Over USB

I’ve created a 4 deck layout that incorporates the following:

16x buttons (for loop controls, etc)
12x buttons (for EQ kills)
2x rotary encoders (1 for scanning through the library and 1 for moving through the timeline)
13x rotary potentiometers (12 for EQs, 1 for volume)
4x slide potentiometers (for strip volume)

8x LEDs (to indicate ‘Strip’ actions, etc)

Nothing too dramatic but obviously I need to multiplex both outputs and inputs.

I have a handful of 74HC595s - one of which is earmarked to multiplex the output for the LEDs and I have a handle on doing this already.

Before I start putting hardware and code together (section by section) and then finding I’ve bitten off more than I can chew - what would be the best manner of multiplexing the buttons and the encoders (seperately obviously)? Can the 595 be used for inputs and if so, what are its limitations?

Any assistance is gratefully received - including any pointers to RTFM :slight_smile:

You will have to run the rotary encoders off interrupts with all that going on.
Use analogue multiplexing for the pots like this:-
Use port expanders for the switches like this:-