Yaw Control Of Race Car

Ok, its an RC Race Car.

Pics, video and source code for version 0.1 here, version 1.0 coming soon -


Looks good. A "before" and "after" would be interesting.

Nice, now can you get some feedback from the "steering wheel" to improve the driving experience :)


Very nice ! :)

Hi, I have half an idea how to get feedback to the user through the transmitter but thats a way off yet.

For before and after videos I have some from the track but whenever any of us drive someone else car we are too cautious so the system doesn't have a lot of work. I did a few laps of my own deliberately keeping the power on when I shouldn't, the car was able to keep it together for four or five laps without me lifting of at all. Next week I will get someone else to film while I give the car a proper workout.

This comment from one of the testers sums it up for me - 'It was an M-04?! Really?!' The M04 is a notoriously difficult car to drive and this guy didn't realize that that was what he had been driving until this morning !

Duane B