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Nice. I’m not sure if LoRa will reach 330,000 ft for edge of space. I’m working on my FCC Amateur radio license for some short wave highpower transceivers. I’m only looking for 50,000 feet tops.

Spunik 1.


Transmitted on 7m and 15m bands.
The elliptical orbit of the satellite had an perigee of 228 km, an apogee of 947 km, and an orbital inclination of 65.1 degrees from the equator. It completed a revolution in 96.17 minutes.

It is possible to talk to ISS on very few watts VHF and UHF with the appropriate aerials.

Oscar7, 144MHz up 28MHz down, great days with IC211 and IC701 transcievers, manually compensating for doppler.
Simple aerials, crossed dipoles.

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So how long do you actually have while the ISS races overhead?

Post #21, in the UK at the northern most extent of it’s orbit (ISS is in an orbit inclined to 50 something degrees) it takes several minutes from appearing in the west to setting* in the east, but can be quite hard to spot until it’s overhead, at which point it is easy to track by eye until it sets. The timing shouldn’t vary much when seen at other latitudes, the ISS’s orbit is not particularly eccentric so doesn’t get further away and slower/closer and faster at any location along the orbit.

*you’ll only see it in the hours before dawn or after dusk while the sun is down from where you are standing on earth but still illuminating the ISS some 300km above your location.

Type your location into this sight for pass predictions near you:


I saw it just the other evening… it was pretty quick between the time it was visible to when it faded out… 17,500 mph (28,000 kph) is pretty fast. I read that each pass is different and some can last up to 5 minutes.

Buenas Noches A Mi me encantaría viajar a la luna saber mas del universo, de todo lo que se esconde mas aya de la luna, viajar a marte, a veces me da miedo también conocer mas aya, pero me gustaría mucho como cambiar de monotonía quisiera ir a la Nasa...

Jejejeje también tengo intriga de saber si hay extraterrestres como vemos en películas..

bay...wenas noches

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