yellowjacket....will it ever be available?!

Hey guys, wondering if anyone has any info on the yellowjacket by async labs. Its a Arduino clone with WIFI built in for around $65…

We bought one back a few months ago, but since then they have been out of stock EVERYWHERE. We desperately need around 20 of these devices, (or similar)…

Any info or an alternate device suggestion would be appreciated…Size of the device isnt that important, but price cant be too much over the $65 of the yellowjacket. Really, i would just prefer yellowjacket if possible, but at this point im wondering if they will ever come out with another batch!?


I think the Yellowjacket is based on this $29 WiFi module:

You can download the Gerber files from Async Labs and make your own Yellowjacket boards.

I really wouldn’t mind making one myself, however the time to do it really wouldn’t be worthwhile for me…add to that the incredibly small form factor of the unit, (which is good) but I have never worked on building/soldering anything that small!

Any rought idea on a company and what they would charge me to make lets say 100 of these from the schematic/board file?


It's not quite there yet and I can't see a price, but this should fit the bill:

I have their "Eleven" clone board and it's a superb piece of kit.

Very cool, could be useful for other projects, but this one MUST HAVE wifi…