Yes, but can she solder?

Okay, so the other day we were doing a small shoot for fun and practice, and it occurred to me that I should shoot an Arduino Girl shot or two. At the time we were doing a 40’s cabaret look thing, lots of dramatic shadows and high contrast lighting at sharp angles… which didn’t seem to fit the Arduino thing very well (would be great for steampunk though…).

So, since I have the girls coming over next week, along with the makeup and hair guy, lighting and all that, I think I want to do a couple of goof shots with them with an Arduino (All I have at the moment is a couple of Duemilanoves, but I don’t think the type of board will matter much.)

Since I will most likely just be posing against infinite black (not really got a good picturesque tech bench), I’m thinking I’ll have to convey mostly via makeup and posing- not going to spend a ton on costuming. Let’s face it, I’m going for cheesecake here, and composition on cheesecake is on the cheese…

Sammy <Heather <Karen

I’ll have three (at least) models handy, redhead, blonde and brunette. I’m not going for trashy… just looking for thoughts on simple creative ways I might be able to use the models to feature the Arduino. Keep it clean, these models are friends of mine… :smiley:

As a thought, let me ask this: How many would be interested in a Pretty Girl/Geek Toy calendar or something like that? It really wouldn’t be that big a deal to put together, and printing and binding that kind of thing these days is pretty cheap, even in small quantity. Let’s say for the sake of the question that the cost would be twenty five dollars. Worth doing?

Can she strip... a wire?

Arduino in one hand, smoking soldering iron in the other.

I`m thinking the soldering iron held vertical with the smoke rising from it.

Does she come in a DIP package?

retrolefty: Does she come in a DIP package?

So tempting ... so tempting ... ]:D

Focalist, perhaps something resembling a Rosie the Riveter motif? Well, Wired did that for Limor, and it worked for them.

Uh, I'm not much for calendars. Sorry.

Admittedly, I rarely use a paper calendar myself... a fantastic idea a decade or so ago... XD

I will volunteer enough honesty to admit that I don't exactly fight any reasonable (even partially unreasonable) excuse to enjoy a tableau of pretty girls.

The smoldering soldering iron against the black backdrop, however-- that's an intriguing image to play with. Suggestive without being directly "erotic". Rosin core usually does that, but obviously having solder dripping isn't the answer.

Smoke/Fog machines work by heating a glycerine solution, if I remember right. Anyone ever drip fog machine solution on a soldering iron?

Beyond that, it's a lighting setup similar to "Karen" above (She's actually my wife). Capturing the smoke in the air takes hard backlight with a midrange blue filter, in that shot, it's a 500 watt PAR can on the most ghetto lighting rig I've ever done.. four rotary dimmers and four wall switches epoxied to a sheet of laminated particleboard. Broken into several pieces, quasi-held together by the wires between the ABS boxes.. Long story, involves a cranky maiden, a charming knight and more ponies and tigers than is polite to discuss in mixed company.

Anyway, I've had my Pre-Thanksgiving over-ration of Black and Tans at the moment, and after I add what remains of the Guinness in front of me into the brine the turkey is sitting in, I'll toast the lot of you a good and fruitful day, whether or not you call our corner of the planet home.

WIth some photoshopping you can have one woman [ sitting lying walking skating ] on an UNO board. The PCB board as the theatre, the stage for the models

On the DUE of course there are two women ...

Not sure about the duemillanove (2009 women is a bit much:)

Other electronic components could be used, e.g. a resistor might indicate the age, or a resistor ladder her phone number - green green green - violet grey orange yellow - capacitors as earrings etc