Yet another 'avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync:'

UNO, newer model I have been programming ATtiny85s and trying to switch back to programming the regular UNO borad chip. I changed to AVR ISP programmer and UNO as the board. I did a reset and tried an upload. I can see leds flicker on the board but I get the synch message. I have removed and auto reinstalled the com port. Still same message. Any more ideas on this?


Could be any number of things. Which specific sync error do you get? You should see an expected/responded error of some sort. What are the hex codes you're seeing?

Did you reburn the bootloader?

I went through the whole troubleshooting guide in the sticiy post. I unhooked all the wires connecting my ATtiny breadboard and Viola, we are back in business.