Yet another home built ATX power supply for my Arduino projects

Ive finally finished building a power supply for my Arduino projects and supporting circuitry.
I got fed up of using wall warts so I read up about using ATX computer power supplies and built my own.
Im really pleased with how its turned out as its the best enclosure Ive made so far.
The front panel turned out very tidy.

12v, 9v, 2x5v, 3.5v and a variable supply with meter.
All switched and LED indicators.


Yes I scraped it, and in a couple of other places.
You are supposed to be able to put a clear lacquer over the top but this was my first attempt.
Next time or if I redo it Ill lacquer it.

I got it from a seller on ebay. I think this was the guy.


Wow, really nice result. The thing looks like a store bought Bench Powersupply. Very nicely done :).