yet another SPFD5408 (perhaps) problem!

Hello, I've got two LCDs off eBay and on the auction pages both sellers claim that LCDs have SPFD5408 controller. I killed some 3 hours on downloading various libraries (UTFT, SWIFT, etc.) whatever I found (also suggestions of this forum) luck.

LCDs come with 2 different stickers: one green and one red. I wrote to the seller asking for making sure about the controller but no sound yet.

Only when I load the "graphictest" of the SWIFT lib, one of the LCDs looks like being alive as it's LCD first is bright white, then gets darker in some 3 stages. Also, with both LCDs if I load SWIFT and run the serial console of the IDE, I see that some test functions return a "passed" state and register "time taken for their functioning", like "filling LCD with squares: xxxx seconds!".

Is there any chances that I get at least one of them running please?

Please try: