YM2151 FM Synth Shield

I have made a shield for the YM2151 from Yamaha. This ransformes the Arduino in a 8-voice fm-synth. I have made a control panel with CTRLR to control the unit. I had to order 10 pcb's because that was the min. limit. So i have ordered all the parts for 10 boards. If someone is interested, send me a PM. The price for all the parts incl. pcb is about 25 euro's, so i sell them dor 25 euro's. It is not to make a profit. Only to share it with people that want it. It have been tested with Arduino Uno and Duemilanove I have made a video:

Demo YM2151 shield

Thanks for sharing,

Can you tell more about the code and schematics?

The code is based on the library from Yukio Ishii. The Arduino code takes care of incoming midi event such as midi notes and for every controlable register a midi sysex handler.
The complete schematic is attached.


I'm interested. Could you send me a message please?

I'm also interested. Please PM


I'm interested. Could you send me a message please?

HI, I'm also interested. Please can you send me a message ?

I'm interested too. Do you still have PCB boards for this shield ?

I am also interested in this, I have a few ym2151 chips and I want to get something running with them!