YM480240A P-4 / with RA8835P3N - 0807-NE (RAIO)

Hello there community!

I got a 480 x 240 pixel Graphics LCD (YM480240A P-4) from china. I got a datasheet, but no specifications about how to send data to it. Anyone has a good source for specifications?

The chip onboard is an RA8835P3N from RAIO (i guess its the controller chip).

Would be great if someone has an advice for me :)

It seems that the device is compatible to S1D13305 (http://www.mitsutech.com/RA8835.html). So, then the instructions might be here: http://www.allshore.com/pdf/Epson_SED1335.pdf Here there seems to be some code (not Arduino specific): http://en.radzio.dxp.pl/sed1335/

Thank you very much olikraus.

Unfortunatly I have no clue how to port this library to Arduino. Anyone can help me with this portation?

Thank you all