You know how to program another PIC? which?

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m a newbie and I can’t use right the Arduino haha, but certainly is more simple than a PIC and the possibilities are awesome, You can do a lot of things with it.

But my friend give me the this:

I dont have idea how to use it, but you think there is a way to made it simplier to prgram, for example like the arduino, soldering, the cristal, the caps, to get a card with the possibility to program from USB ? or what kind of things I need to start to make experiments with this? In fact, I dont know, the Atmega that comes with the arduino is considered a PIC or there is a differencie between the Atmega and the PIC I have? (obviously the brand, and configuration, etc, but technically, is the same?)

THank You!! (hope you understand my english)

I think you’d stand a better chance of getting an answer by trying a Microchip/PIC forum.
The PIC uses broadly the same architecture as the AVR, but the instruction set is completely different.

broadly is right

there are some basic language systems for PIC’s but all I know of are usually pay systems

except for the one I use on my pic32, but the guy who made it does not have a version for the lower end models

and for the record

Atmega that comes with the arduino is considered a PIC

no, AVR’s like the Atmega are not PIC’s, they are both microcontrollers but its 2 different brands like Apple and IBM, Nintendo and SONY, etc

Thanks dudes, maybe I will try with it later, first I want to explore some of all the possibilities Arduino have for me.

There are a number of PIC based systems “somewhat like” arduino.

Jaluino: Jaluino | Just Another JAL Website
USB Bit Whacker: UBW (USB Bit Whacker) Project
Nigel’s PIC Tutorial: Nigel's PIC Tutorial Page (and my PCBs for it:
Microchip Microstick:

The big ‘problem’ is that there isn’t really a free C compiler for PICs that comes anywhere close to the quality of avr-gcc.

There is also the Pinguino which is based on Microchips USB parts.

It uses the open source SDCC compiler and has an IDE written in Python looks and feels almost like the Arduino IDE. Its under active development and uses a bootloader to allow code to be uploaded through USB

As westfw said there isn’t a compiler comparible to avr-gcc for the older PICs because of their architecture. However I believe the new families are designed to be a bit more C friendly, and the Pinguino uses the 18Fx5xx USB PIC’s which seem to work nicely with SDCC.