You PIB, she blow up

I just found this gem in a Panasonic data sheet

Take note that mistakes made in connection may cause unforeseen problems in operation, generate abnormally high levels of heat, emit smoke, etc.,

In other words, you plug in backwards, she blow up.


why do they say "unforseen" and in the same sentence they mention them ? in how far are these unforseen?

Who knows.


I think the lawyers make them do it, and this is the sort of nonsense that results in an over-litigious society. (Any lawyers on this forum are of course excepted, we like lawyers who like Arduino :wink:

Might be a candidate for the Wacky Labels Contest,

Yes this is in the "hot things are hot when they get hot" sort of warning notice.

We should have a warning on any political party:- "may contain nuts"

Wacky Labels Contest

That's good, for example

A label on a baby stroller warns: "Remove child before folding"

Sometimes I look at the world and just shake my head.


Remember the guy in the third Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy book.

The one that built his house inside out, to keep the crazy outside and a sane world in!

He did that after going to buy toothpicks and seeing they had instructions for use on the side!

Guess what peeps, go look at a box of toothpicks,

I’m glad the operational procedure for using a toothpick was cleared up, I might have been doing it wrong!