Your advice sought on a speedometer display

Hi everyone

I'm sorry for the dumb question, I'm new to using displays with Arduino.

I've searched around quite a bit but I cant seem to find a display that meets my requirements. Maybe someone may have an idea where I can find one?

I have an old car , the speedometer cable has broken and they no longer make new ones.

I thought this could be an ideal opportunity to play around with an Arduino and LCD display to create an electronic speedometer.

I have already built a VR sensor into the gearbox and I build a circuit on a shield to sense the VR pulses and sent them to my Arduino. Based on pulses per second the Arduino determines the car's speed. So far all this works ok.

All I need to do now is hookup a display and draw a speedometer dial to show the speed. The idea is to have the display large enough (roughly 100 mm high) to sit behind the round bezel. It doesn't matter that the display is square the bezel is round and hides the corners, as long as I can draw the gauge to show within the round opening in the bezel.

I've search around but I cant seem to find a display that fits the size I need and I can drive from my Arduino.

Does anyone have any ideas? is there a display out there that I'm overlooking?

thanks in advance Sam

Usually there are two problems: 1) To find a suitable display and 2) to find a library for it.

Some large displays, for which a library is avilable, are for example here: The RA6963 (aka T6963) is supported by u8glib and some other libraries.

Less expensive, but also smaller with the same controller:

Together with a large number font and the scale2x2 command, you should be able to utilize the full screen height.