Your Android Forums Account has been Compromised

I have been a bit slack not keeping up with things.

On 23 March I got this (cut down version) e-mail.

We were recently informed by our server engineers that the server hosting Android Forums was compromised and the website's database was accessed. While this breach was relatively small, affecting less than 2.5% of our active users and limited data accessed, we want to provide as much helpful information as possible so you can take some steps to protect yourself.

It goes on......

This (near the end) get me...

We understand that some people may want their account deleted after hearing this news.  If you are requesting an account deletion, please email with the email account you registered with, or post on this thread
  from the account you want deleted. While we would hate to see you go, we understand if this is your preference and will perform the delete.


This is fake - right?

Mia culpa.

gotta learn to read/parse names better.

I saw a*d*o and read it as arduino and not android.