your hint can help me build something awesome

in this pic my friends, what's the best i could do to make this human following suitcase

  1. IR Sensor
  2. Bluetooth
    or what exactly is the best possible way of making this, any hints would be appreciated

Can't see anything there that is awesome at all - as may well be demonstrated at the check-in counter. One "hint" is that inspection of the casters in the picture strongly suggest it is a fake as well as a truly stupid idea. It may explain why the girl is laughing. She looks a lot smarter than the seriously uncool idiot with the coffee, and possibly the photographer as well. That said, I'm sure you will find stuff on human-following robots in the robotics section of this forum. Quite likely stuff from experienced Arduino users that is a lot more sane than this, so have a look there (second hint!), and don't be discouraged . Welcome to the forum.

Trolleys to follow a person has come up several times on the Forum.


It’s liable to suddenly follow someone else as well as not passing through security or have much space for luggage and could even be heavy .
Apart from that probably fairly hard to make work , small wheels , problems with bumps, steps, inclines crashing into other people etc .
You could tie some thin string to it and pull that , it would look the same

Google it. As has been mentioned, this has been attempted many times and discussed at great length many times here on the forums.

It is very difficult to do.

Edit: use the term "follow me" in your google search.

Here is a possible way for video/object recognition: GitHub - EdjeElectronics/TensorFlow-Lite-Object-Detection-on-Android-and-Raspberry-Pi: A tutorial showing how to train, convert, and run TensorFlow Lite object detection models on Android devices, the Raspberry Pi, and more!

If it was easy\cheap to build such a device, you would expect to find (working!) projects all over the Internet.

Just buy that suitcase here. USD 1100-1500.

What problem has this suitcase solved? Too few silly gadgets comes to my mind. But don't let me discourage you. Actually I like silly gadgets. I've built a few of them, like an automatic fidget spinner and a robot chimes player.

What problem has this suitcase solved?

The posted photo suggests that the robot suitcase may help men to attract women (or vice versa), while strolling through an uncrowded airport.

I think the guy has a joystick in his pocket.


I think the guy has a joystick in his pocket.


Or he's happy to see you.

In 2009 I and 3 mates took a 2 ton 6X6 vehicle and did the same thing. One mechanical engineer, one software, one algorythm and I, the electrical/electronics technician/engineer. We had it driving around a field fully autonomously following a pre-programmed route that could be changed onthe fly. It would also follow someone with a control pad.

I still have this vehicle but unfortunately had to remove all the autonomy. Way too expensive to redo it.

So doing a suit case should be pretty easy.

I think the guy has a joystick in his pocket.


Why were you looking down there????????

Why were you looking down there????????

I was thinking about how he could pretend it was an autonomous follower when in actual fact he was driving it by remote control.

Did you think I was having sinful thoughts?


Naomi did a YouTube with such a suitcase earlier this year.

Tom… :slight_smile:

Having dragged a regular two-wheel suitcase (large briefcase) along a lot of miles when I was travelling for work the big bugbear is kerbs and uneven pavements. And in my experience a wide wheelbase is a must - otherwise it overturns at every opportunity. The wheels need to be on the wide side of the case, not the short side. Naomi has found a nice smooth pedestrian street which, in my experience is very untypical.

But one would be very tempted to follow Naomi.


And in my experience a wide wheelbase is a must

More like this one?

More like this one?



I was concerned that he may have been hiding a floppy disk.
But Naomi may help resolve that problem for the male engineers.