Your input requested for new Kickstarter hardware

Hi everyone,

I'm from MIT working with a team to produce a piece of gateway hardware in the same spirit as RaspberryPi and the Spark Electron that would let you monitor/control almost anything with some programming and additional meters.

The product has a linux embedded ARM9 CPU module and an arduino-compatible chip on the piggyback extension breadboard. It can be plugged into any 110/230 VAC power supply, so it would be located in a house or yard.

Unlike many current products, our hardware can communicate with GSM/GPRS, giving it the power to send alerts and receive commands from your phone rather than just via wifi.

Are there situations you find that you would need such a product, and wifi communication just wouldn't cut it?

We are trying to test the out the demand for the product, which can only be used by people who can code (or are willing to learn), as it will not include software.

A few examples:

  • Monitor/control the lights/heating in your cabin in the woods that doesn't have wifi from anywhere
  • Communicate temporary codes to your security system (for Air bnb users, cleaners) on a secure network. Receive alerts when they arrive/leave
  • Monitor moisture of the soil in your garden (where you don't have wifi) and automatically start sprinklers when the plants need water

We would love your input, thanks! Any and all ideas welcome (no matter how crazy) :D

  • Monitor birds in the forest (when they leave their nest)
  • protect the area around a breeding place of a bird

  • protect a meadow with a horse from intruders at night

  • monitor an old (ruin) castle at night

  • a network monitoring tool that alerts when wifi fails ;)

  • send a prerecorded message to 911 (USA) / 112 (EU)

  • monitor freeze compartments in supermarket (when power is down, wifi is down) so the unit must be able to run on battery

  • emergency system that detects car crash, or can be used in case of other emergency

(cc) - please give appropriate credits ;)

How about -Monitor the state of the power cord and call the cops if somebody cuts it with scissors -A pipe-freezing detector (maybe monitor the pressure) -Maybe connect to a Nest thermostat