Your keyboard tray greets you

It's been snowing almost all day today. I made this little fun program to pass some time.

This software will play a tune when you pull out your keyboard tray from your computer desk. It will play another tune when you push the tray back. It's perfect for some fun. I used the RTTTL code from Brett Hagman to generate a few tunes included in his original code. Nothing is modified from his code. You can add a few tunes or sound effects if you prefer. List of functions: * Greets you with a tune when you set out to do some work on your computer, by pulling out your keyboard tray. * Expresses farewell with a tune when you finish work on your computer, by pushing back your keyboard tray. * TODO – display greeting message on LCD. Should be easy. * TODO – add some sound effect tunes. * TODO – add a menu to choose tunes from a list.

Details and code are on my blog:

Here is a video:

What a wonderful waste of time. I love it! Did you write the code for the tune yourswelf or did you find it somewhere?

Thankw for wasting your time to reply! That was exactly the purpose of this project! The code was taken from: Brett Hagman // //

His original comments are all included in my code.

This is the page that contains the code and some details of the project: