Your last purchase?

And a brother to the “last copy”… Your last purchase :wink:


on ebay

1 x


so fit

fuuuu… Now I want chocolate too…

I bought it used for 37 cents plus shipping from amazon!

Last arduino / electronics thing purchased

Last purchase of any significance.

This is one sweet lens.


Last arduino / electronics thing purchased

It can be anything, not only something related to arduino or electronics…

Soda, beer, bread, meat… anything :slight_smile:

5V to 12V boost regulator, qty 3 from

Or lunch yesterday, turkey burger & fries - but the regulator arrived after lunch, so I’m gonna go with that!

Dinner will be ready soon!

Awesome hard disk of awesomeness

RBBB’s, 5 for $10 dollars each


Farmhouse Gammon Ham Salad Baguette, 500ml bottle of coke and a grab bag of salt & vinegar squares from the sandwich van that stops by work.

Other than that I’ve been buying dirt cheap HD DVD movies having recently been given a HD DVD player for my birthday

Wii party

Back At CodingBadly… YUMMMMMM!!!

Just received from Gravitech: 2.1mm panelmounnt power jack, wirewrap socket strips, and interconnect pin strip - larger pins go in a pro-mini, smaller pins go in the wirewrap socket. Will be awesome for prototyping!

(edit - photo resized)

Appropriate for my post AND Graynomad’s post…

Appropriate for my post AND Graynomad’s post…

You purchased homer?

I bet he’s rubbish at soldering ;D