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'In all seriousness', what type battery does it have. I read somewhere that manufacturers are going back to nickel based batteries, instead of lithium, for cost reasons.

Telsa uses lithium batteries. about 220mi range. I don’t think nickel based batteries are well suited for electric cars, especially when lithium batteries are going down in cost. The charge rate for Nickel based batteries is slow.

Just curious. Has anyone used an all-electric car in a North American winter?

For how many hours will the heater work if you get caught on a road blocked by a snowstorm?


Granting that all-electric cars have different operating demands, Toyota finds nimh batteries a plus for inclement weather. Here’s a short article about the different uses.

  • in hybrid cars.

larryd: Maybe load the back seat up with batteries and plug the cord into them.

That way you don’t need to have a 100 km long extension cord.

I hear that those 100Km long extensions get very tangled at roundabouts.


Here in Canada, ambient temperature can be -40 to +30 °C.

I have wondered how these cars can supply any range at all with winter heating and summer air conditioning.

the AC actually doesn’t use that many miles.... but the heat will use a lot. They recommend using heated seats in lue of cabin heat... luckily the winters here aren’t too bad. And it still has a 200 mile range. I think they say you lose 5-10 miles of range per hr of heat...

I wouldn’t take the tesla out for a road trip in the middle of winter, but i imagine if you were determined you could. They’ve got supercharger stations spread out every 100 miles or so, that take about an hour to give you a full charge.

I was able to drive from richmond to virginia beach which is about 105 miles with the AC full on and had 35 percent of batter remaining (50 miles). And i’ve learned of several tricks to increase range.

so i’d say you can reliably count on at least a 100 mile range worst case, which is enough to get to any supercharger station.

Tesla’s are sweeeeeet.

In 1994 I bought a BMW F650 Funduro; it was stolen last year :frowning: Just over a month ago, her 16 year younger sister arrived.

She has the tough task living up to the expectations set by her older sister.

Qdeathstar: And it still has a 200 mile range.


They’ve got supercharger stations spread out every 100 miles or so,

That's worrying. If the first charge station is out of order you won't have enough juice to get to the next one :)


electricity is pretty reliable... my guess is that ice cars are more likely to need to be towed that a tesla, there is a lot more than can go wrong.

The only on-street charging point that I am aware of has been "not working" for a a few weeks now. It's in Stockport (near Manchester).

I don't have any car so it does not bother me.



Red dots are super chargers, grey are standard slower chargers.

Here is the uk/Europe map


How about equivalent maps for regular gas stations? (Just for comparison - level playing field etc)


What would be the point of that? The point of the maps is that counter to your uninformed assumption, there are plenty of places to charge.

I can get 600 mile range at a "charging" point for my diesel car in about five minutes.

How long does an all-electric car take? How does the map look now?

It only looks good while take-up is niche.

Maybe it is time to buy into copper futures...

How often do you drive 600 miles in a day?

Not that often, but it is essential that I have a reserve of 300 miles in case my elderly mother's condition worsens suddenly.