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I read about a random number generator somewhere, that used a lava lamp and a camera. The number was generated by the positions, shapes and sizes of the blobs. That would be cool. Wouldn't even need to be a camera - perhaps just put light detectors all over the glass surface.

LavaRand random number generator

Cool! Thanks for the link West. (karmal added)

One of the Cloudflare sites uses LavaRand.

50 PCS NDP6020P NDP6020 FSC MOSFET P-CH 20V 24A TO-220 NEW

KUUQA 50 Pack Cable Gland Waterproof Adjustable 3-16mm Cable Connectors PG7 PG9 PG11 PG13.5 PG16 PG19 Plastic Cable Gland Joints with Gaskets in PP Box

larryd: KUUQA 50 Pack Cable Gland

I admire the marketing guys that conjure up those products. I don't think I have ever come across anyone who actually needed more than 3 of the types in the collection - and then only after keeping it for years and running out of one type within 3 weeks :)


those are some fine glands...

Update from Karlo, now 6 month old.

Some MBR0520L to see if i can actually work with stuff that small. I ordered some from ebay, a week or two ago. I've no idea what they sent, nor did they, they wouldn't send the correct items as advertised, so I got my money back, and ordered via Amazon, and they are the correct diodes. 40 from a seller on Amazon was cheaper than via Farnel incl. postage. I only need a few, most will be dropped on the floor, I expect. I've been with ebay for years, don't buy much, but recently I've had 3 out of six orders go bad, and I try to assess the quality of the supplier, not just their star ratings.

Zoo expansion, hardware this time. :wink:

Pololu A-Star 328PB Micro - 5V, 16MHz

Pololu A-Star 328PB Micro - 5V, 20MHz

ATmega4809 Curiosity Nano

Microchip offered free shipping and a 50% discount on the Atmega4809 Curiosity Nano.




Hi Whandalll, The curiosity nano looks interesting, particularly if you need a debugger. Have you used the microchip ide with it, I presume the debugging side of it would not work with arduino ide, although I think it has a boot-loader installed. so may be programmable via arduino ide (Or is this a new purchase to try it out, - with the discount it's a reasonable price, but cheap for development kit.)

Exactly these two are still in the mail, I had no chance to play with them yet.


$7.97 USD.

2.54mm 100sets of connectors SM 3Pin Pitch Female Male terminals SM-3P SM-3R JST

3 pin JST set X100

just got some as well, also some 8 pin sets.

Qdeathstar: just got some as well, also some 8 pin sets.

Do you have a link to the 8 pin?

sorry, these are jst xh

just got free samples high quality from Hammond Manufacturing. Got to love it!!!!!!!!!!

Too old, hands cold.

Can still use the iPad :)