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What would be the point of that? The point of the maps is that counter to your uninformed assumption, there are plenty of places to charge.

I can get 600 mile range at a "charging" point for my diesel car in about five minutes.

How long does an all-electric car take? How does the map look now?

It only looks good while take-up is niche.

Maybe it is time to buy into copper futures...

How often do you drive 600 miles in a day?

Not that often, but it is essential that I have a reserve of 300 miles in case my elderly mother's condition worsens suddenly.

Qdeathstar: The point of the maps is that counter to your uninformed assumption, there are plenty of places to charge.

They don't because the scale is too small.


300 miles is easily doable with a 20 minute stop at a supercharger.


Maps of Australia with available charging stations, if you click on each they will tell you who/when the last user was.

I note quite a few that have not been used this year.
Until the Fed Gov gets its act together about EV, the infusion of electric cars here will not be as enthusiastic as other countries.

Tom... :slight_smile:

I purchased a new family member. :wink:

His name is Karlo.

Hello Karlo

Noob :)

I purchased a new family member. :wink:

Looks great.

I did not know it was necessary to purchase kittens. When we had them we had difficulty giving them away.


@Robin2 from time to time you can get them for free, but most of the kitten are sold for € 100 to € 150.

To get one from the animal shelter you have to pay € 150 and sign an agreement that I would not sign.

But given the prices that vets are charging, the price for the kitten is neglectable after a short period.

PS. Karlo was € 80, a bargain compared to the eye examination for € 17 and € 27 for the medication,
but now I have eye ointment for the next years. 30g for the 500g cat. :wink:

We had cats when my kids were small. I think they only went to the vet to be neutered.

My adult daughter now has cats which seem to cost a fortune in vets bills - admittedly one of them was rescue cat.

There is no way I could afford present day vets bills - hence no animal.


I hope I will find enough time to play with the Jetson Nano I could not resist to buy.

That heat sink is tot'ly badass!

New scope - a Siglent 1104xe.
It replaces a TDS210, which only had two channels, and didn't have any connectivity (also B&W, didn't have any serial decode, and had a smaller screen. But it was that lack of connectivity that was really bugging me.)

It's noisier, though :frowning:

New computer:

click image for larger

Are those old-style 3D goggles?

@ChrisTenone, its a apple.

You've stopped taking the tablets haven't you?

Tom.. :o :o :o

@west: Yup.

click for larger picture

@Tom: It is, but I haven’t. I take all the tablets I can get my hands on. Mostly iPads, but a few Kindles and Labquests, Lisinopryl and Ritalin if I can get them.

I’ve had a dozen macs since 1984 (my original Macintosh™ still works) but I’m not a snob - I’ve also had dozens of “PC” computers as well. My girlfriend (oops) wife prefers PCs, and I used to use XP at work. Support for XP ended last month and I celebrated with champagne. Actually that was a different celebration … see erratum above.

But I get into the groove with Mac much easier. The machine pictured above has an 8 core 9th generation i9, 40 gigs of ram. 5K, 500 nit monitor, 2TB of flash, 2TB of disk, the latest Radeon gpu, and connectivity up the yinyang. Do they even make a PC like that for what I can afford on a fixed income?

Making 3D photographs takes a particularly mindful workflow. I find all the extraneous stuff with a PC gets in the way of that, like making sure all the slashes o in the correct direction, and that all the viruses are kept up to date.

:slight_smile: :o :wink: :confused: :slight_smile: