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Hi Whandalll, The curiosity nano looks interesting, particularly if you need a debugger. Have you used the microchip ide with it, I presume the debugging side of it would not work with arduino ide, although I think it has a boot-loader installed. so may be programmable via arduino ide (Or is this a new purchase to try it out, - with the discount it's a reasonable price, but cheap for development kit.)

Exactly these two are still in the mail, I had no chance to play with them yet.


$7.97 USD.

2.54mm 100sets of connectors SM 3Pin Pitch Female Male terminals SM-3P SM-3R JST

3 pin JST set X100

just got some as well, also some 8 pin sets.

Qdeathstar: just got some as well, also some 8 pin sets.

Do you have a link to the 8 pin?

sorry, these are jst xh

just got free samples high quality from Hammond Manufacturing. Got to love it!!!!!!!!!!

Too old, hands cold.

Can still use the iPad :)

Plus you are polishing the surface.

Stocking up, got a selection of colours, 24AWG.

raymw: Some MBR0520L to see if i can actually work with stuff that small. I ordered some from ebay, a week or two ago. I've no idea what they sent, nor did they, they wouldn't send the correct items as advertised, so I got my money back, and ordered via Amazon, and they are the correct diodes. 40 from a seller on Amazon was cheaper than via Farnel incl. postage. I only need a few, most will be dropped on the floor, I expect. I've been with ebay for years, don't buy much, but recently I've had 3 out of six orders go bad, and I try to assess the quality of the supplier, not just their star ratings.

After wating for the stars to align and the wind to change, I tried soldering one of the diodes to the Nano pcb this morning. Not having the set-up that I had before, I managed to position the chip, using a scriber, but the liquid flux surface tension stuck the chip to the scriber point. My soldering iron tip is far, far too big, and I had to use a 10x jeweller's loupe to see what I was doing. After a few attempts, however, I finally soldered it, and the Nano now seems to work via usb. Not financially, or otherwise worth the effort, but quite chuffed that I managed it - and I can rinse and repeat 39 more times, since I never lost any diodes...

^^ if you had the right stuff already (magnifying glass workbench and fine tipper soldering iron), this would have been easy work. And yes I would spend some time salvaging cheap Nanos by replacing bad diode.



Never seem to have enough small storage containers. 50 for $4.30 USD

I just bought 250 plastic shot classes

I have heard that the shot class can cause memory problems.

groundFungus: I have heard that the shot class can cause memory problems.

Gives me a ringing in my ears and an unpleasant burning smell :)


A metal sign I bought recently for 1€.


i use them for mixing epoxy and the like.