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Yes Yes Yes...
The Altronics 2021 Catalogue is out.
And download.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

Double sided Kapton tape

First venture into WiFi and LiPo (all boards are clones)

D1 mini |500x269

D1 mini pro |500x269

Battery shield |500x269

Battery; wonder how long it will keep one of the above powered (1000mAh); hopefully will survive a 4 hour load shedding (power cut). |500x269

And some bases and Wemos (clone) shields

And finally time for a fancier display |500x269

And I2C 'driver' board |500x269

Possibly going to solder some stuff today ;)

And finally time for a fancier display

And I2C ‘driver’ board

I had more luck connecting my 128x64 via SPI, the I2C driver boards I had, did not work with the model I had.
I would suggest you check that out before soldering the module to the display, removing it was a PITA.

LCD128x64 using only 3 Arduino pins

Some time ago I started keeping a spreadsheet, where I log all my purchases. Sometime I need to resupply and rather than scouring from scratch thorugh my selection of webshops I can easily reoorder.

So, my latest purchase was 3 MAX7219CNG for a quick-n-dirty throw-together project of pong on a 8x16 LED matrix. I had other parts on hand.

NB: Not an exiting purchase, to be sure, but I just wanted to write post on this new forum, and I think it is years since my last post, anyhow.

Something totally different :slight_smile:

not a purchase. a trade. wasting time on the ninnynet. Craigslist. look for an engine for my Baja bug. find an ad from a guy in the next significant town north, who has dozens of engines. I tell him where I live and what I want ( a 1904 stroker: 74 mm stroke, 90.5 cc bore, up from 69 and 88.5 )

he said "I've been looking for you for years "

he was aware of the '78 VW Westfalia in my backyard, and he wanted it. I need an RV with a bathroom, due to a medical condition. ended up trading the VW van for a 2172 stroker. ( 78 stroke X 94 bore )

and there goes my budget, buying oil coolers and tires and brake parts, but it should be a rowdy little bug when I get it together.

I got my Amateur Radio (Ham) callsign back.
I have been licensed since 1975, but due to family situations, I let it go a couple of years ago.

Here in Australia, the exam gives you the Amateur Radio qualification, but you then apply for a callsign to get a station license which costs you annually.

It took 6 months of poor performance on the callsign allocation part to get a call back.
What do you say to an organization that cannot get their address correct at the top of the form.

So finally $45 + 80$ I have the pdf, yayyyy... :+1: :smiley: :+1: :smiley:

The $45 was for the belated privilege of getting a callsign allocated.

VK3DMK is now on air, Full Call, but only have at the moment space for VHF/UHF and DroidStar.

Tom... :smiley: :smiley: :+1: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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My faithful and overloaded workbench/desk chair failed over the weekend.
So off down the street to get another.
We are allowed to do that where I live, regional Victoria Australia.
Now I'm ready to do business.

The previous chair was a gaming chair, it lasted 3years before metal base under the seat cracked.

Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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My old car gave up the ghost a few months ago. I saved my beloved car stereo from it and, since it was needlessly gathering dust in the garage, I decided to make it sing again in said garage. So I just ordered an ISO connector kit and a 12V 8A SMPS. I shall see if the contraption packs enough punch to drive two old bookshelf 8Ω speakers

If it needs 12V @ 8Amps, that pretty much implies an output power on the order of 50W (96W power from the SMPS.) Should be plenty for most people playing most music in most garages... :slight_smile:


The Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2) is a standalone unit, which can measure and optionally supply currents all the way from sub-uA and as high as 1A on all Nordic DKs, in addition to external hardware.

The PPK2 is powered via a standard 5V USB cable, which can supply up to 500mA of current. In order to supply up to 1A of current, two USB cables are required.

An ampere meter only mode, as well as a source mode (shown as AMP and source measure unit (SMU) respectively on the PCB) are supported. For the ampere meter mode, an external power supply must source VCC levels between 0.8 and 5V to the device under test (DUT). For the source mode, the PPK2 supplies VCC levels between 0.8 and 5V and the on-board regulator supplies up to 1A of current to external applications. It is possible to measure low sleep currents, the higher active currents, as well as short current peaks on all Nordic DKs, in addition to external hardware.

Andreas Spiess video about that device.

I always wanted to do some retro programming, so this (internal) 16 bit 6502 variant
looked very promising.

It has 32k RAM, 8k ROM, a 6502 compatibility mode, a lot of ports (4 UARTS) but no SPI or I2C.
The expansion connector carries the full 24 bit address bus, the data bus and control signals.

The board is fully static and runs with 3.x MHz on a wide range of voltages.

Not my latest purchase but fairly recent. I got a few of these vertex-4 FPGAs. The one I have running is in my homebrew rats nest letting me test processor logic that I'm designing.

Building QRP Kit, HF SSB.
Uses Nano based VFO and ATtiny ID keyer.

Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

I built heathkits but I feel like I would have stayed in ham if I know about microcontrollers that many years ago.
What band is that going on?

Its 80, 40, 20 and 17m, depends on the three filters you fit.
I have 80, 40, and 20.
When I get it going I will see feasibility of making it multiband switched.
Currently the VFO for it is unavailable, but I have the necessary bits in my parts "bins".

Tom... VK3DMK.. :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Very cool.
Ever participate in EME?
That's my favorite experience from the radio club.

You’re pretty safe….

It was Herb Alpert. (p), and the Tijuana Brass ( just over the border from Tequana.

While you’re waiting for Herb, go look for ‘James Last’… the big hit album was Swinging Safari.