Your sources for cheap parts

I want to create a list with everyones help of all of the cheapest places to buy types of parts either in bulk or individually so share your links and information in this general format

sure electronics -extremly cheap LEDs (only a few dollars for 100 pack) and some wireless devices , . (engrish website)(china) (shipping is kinda steep but well worth the savings “100rgb leds for $17 " or $2 each on sparkfun”)

all electronics -very misc in almost every catagory with some bulk ordering. (california?)

Electronics goldmine - same as all electronics

Good idea.

You should include the country in the list too. UK based,

have a good £1 bag section and standard £1.50 delivery (on everything).


Thanks for linking to bitsbox. I wish paypal weren’t so easy to use ::slight_smile: for high power LED stuff and “replacement” parts for consumer electronics (touch screen for a nintendo DS, etc.) for hobby remote-control things (servos, speed controllers…)

Both ship from China…

eBay for assorted “partial reels” of SMT components and similar.

You can find the stores I have used on my links-page: Electronics - Henning Karlsen

I will add more when I have the time.

There are also many companies you can get free samples from.
A few R/G LEDs/UVs etc = free samples :slight_smile:

Can’t remember where the free sample company list is but it also needs updating.


Poundland, the cheapo radios, amplifiers, solar key chains etc make for some good component finds :slight_smile: