Youtube Channel

Hey you guys,

My son is studying about YouTube and made a survey about it. It would mean a lot to him if you do this survey. It takes a quick minute. The link for this survey is:

Thanks already,



Could you guys maybe say if you have done the survey with a quick reply like "Did it" or "Finished".

Thanks, RockyRicky

maybe people want to do the survey only anonymously ...

from your post it is not clear why we should do the survey , what is its focus, where is it used for etc.

the more info you give the more response you might expect.

Thank you for this very good point :D

The survey is asking how many times do you visit YouTube each week. It is asking what you watch on YouTube (Gaming, Tutorials etc.). The last question is what types of games do you like to watch on YouTube.

Thank you again robtillaart for this point, RockyRicky