YPbPr, VGA and similar

So, I'm making console with Arduino. Can anyone tried connecting arduino to tv and getting color output? I already tried Arduino pong, but I would like to get color. Less hardware better :D

Can you suggest me some of them? It will be good if I can connect them to Arduino or Atmega16. Thanks :D

Look at this page: http://uzebox.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

They don't use so complex hardware. Do you know anything about that technology? Thank you.

They don't use so complex hardware

Have you any idea what hard work the RGB to NTSC chip is doing on that board?

I know, but I want to say that I don't need to buy 200$ kit when it is possible to do the same thing with chip like that. Can I use TA8690 instead of AD725?

Who says that I have greater needs? :D It's enough for now. Actually I like Super Nintendo more then Xbox 260 :P

So please, can you suggest me some chips to work on that way. We don't have AD725 in my country, and it's smd (I don't like smd chips, don't know how to solder them :p). Looks like I'm trouble :D

So, Arduino pong is using only resistors before tv. Is it possible to do a same thing on three cables (YPbPr) to get color?

Thank you very much. Sorry for my bad English.

Looks it's possible to do without chips :D


After making it on AVR in C, I'm gonna to try to translate it for Arduino. :)