Yun and Temboo Google spreadsheet Choreo

Hi folks,
I have a problem hard to solve and I need your help !
I'm working on a Yun project using thé Google spreadsheet Temboo Choreo for Arduino.
Every 400 ms or so, thé Yun program reads a simple Ajax request and sends the response to the client. There is nothing special hère and everything works very well. Then comes the Temboo part of the project. Every 60000ms my program runs the Temboo Choreo to save the value of a sensor to a Google spreadsheet file. Everything works fine and the value is saved in the spreadsheet without problem. And then... Bang :frowning: my program stops responding to AJAX requests and I get an Error 500 on the client side. I get this error message after a latency time of 5s. It´s looking like a timeout caused by the synchronous execution of the Choreo, isn't it ?

So i'm wondering if there is a way to run the Temboo Choreo asynchronously to allow the server to continue to answer AJAX requests while the Choreo waits for an answer from the Temboo server. Maybe I'm pushing my Arduino program a little to hard :wink: but I'm sure that solving this issue Will allow the design of very usefull programs.

Thank your for your help :slight_smile:


Append a spreadsheet in google docs without Temboo

Thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile: