Yun cannot connect to network

Hello; I'm new to the networking and recently I got myself a YUN. After realizing some mistake I made(in setting password for my network) in the config page, I went to reset my yun. After a successful reset, When I re-logged in that page, the drop-down list for discovering networks, shrinked and I couldn't select my network from there. Although in the fill box just below that (where it was earlier getting refilled automatically after my selection from the previous dd list), now I wrote down the exact network name. After configuring and restarting, I couldn't access the page( http://********.local/ ) and shows "page cannot be displayed". Also I cannot access it through SSH or telnet.. through putty's serial terminal although I have the access..

Network traffic is not that high. Only 4 people in the apartment and mostly 2 computers activated at once.

I also tried multiple times restarting it, same problem persists.

Can anybody suggest what has happened and how can I enable the Yun to connect to my network.. ??

Any sort of help is appreciated..

On board chip antenna has average Gain -0.5 dBi v.s. typical antenna Gain of wifi device ~4 dBi Yun's transmit power is only 17 dBm v.s. typical Gain wifi device transmit power 27~30 dBm

Friis Transmission Formula tell us Every 6 dBi antenna gain will be double the distance Every 6 dBm Transmitter power gain will be double the distance. Here we could reduce the distance between Yun and router or add the high gain antenna.

The method to boost wifi signal strength by reduce the distance:

Any high gain 2.4 Ghz antenna will work.

To confirm wifi Signal level:

Understanding Wifi Signal Strength:

Connect Yun to router with ethernet for testing purpose. It can save you a lot of headaches

the drop down list may not be able to list all the available networks at some point in time. there are two reasons: 1) your wifi may use channels not allowed in the US (yun believes it's in the US until you reconfigure it). 2) your wifi is not broadcasting its presence when the yun is scanning: try refreshing the list

regarding the "page cannot be displayed". Are you on windows? have you installed bonjour print services as suggested by the guide? Try uploading the WifiStatus example and open serial monitor. You'll see if the yun is actually connected to your wifi and what IP address it has got. If accessing it by name fails, try with the IP address