Yun. Cannot serve web pages


I cannot serve web pages from my Yun so I came here to get some help.

I formatted my SD card and created www folder within the arduino one at the root of the card. Using putty, I can see my files at cd /mnt/sda1/arduino/remote/ index.html zepto.min.js but using the link “no such directory” is displayed.

The link works as it allows me to enter into the config file Luci.

The board is new (Linino) and, perhaps, I need to enable something or load some files in the Linux side?


I'm not familiar with yun... general ideas:

  1. You need to have web - server on YUN
  2. You need to open access from internet

try loopback : from YUN.
try server version [program name] -v

The Yun connects to internet ok. I can get to it from anywhere. The problem is that I cannot get an index.html file to show in a browser. Not even locally.
I modified the uhttpd file from

# option home /osjs/dist


option home /mnt/sda1/www

with no avail.

In my sd card I’ve the arduino/www folder with a test.html file.
I can see and open the file within putty but not with a browser.

http://sketch_name.local/sd/ nor work.

However brings up the system config web file.
I've the Linino version running on the Yun.