yun client 1-to-many AP´s

Hello folks,

I'm developing a project and I have a Problem , Is There Any way I can use to Getting yun in Mobile way, when he detect a signal of wi-fi Open, automatically connect to? Or I just can setup one AP at a Time, like home or office?

It is not possible to change automatically , as if it is a wi-fi NIC?

Thanks in advance!

The Yun does not have a wireless network manager so it can't switch automatically to different networks.
"It can't" does not mean that is not possible. You can write a script or a sketch that checks regularly available networks and connect to them.

Here you can find some useful documentation on how to configure a wireless connection from command line

Hello Angelo9999,

Your replay help me a lot, thanks man, i go write some script to my project now : )


Let us know how you are doing, if you need help?