YUN Cloud Connected Weather Station

Hi all

This is my first project to get me started on the YUN

Im trying to accomplish this

But Im failing to get any readings back from the sensors at all

I have the DH22 and BMP180 sensor

I have loaded the libraries as suggested in the link and downloaded the code for compiling - all goes to plan but when opening the serial monitor I get nothing back at all from the sensors

Ive messed around with the breadboard and the wiring seems OK to me

Can anybody suggest anything to help a beginner

I could upload a few photos if that would help

Thanks all

when opening the serial monitor I get nothing back at all from the sensors

Nothing at all? Or you are getting output but it has nothing but zeros? Or do you mean something else?

Did you double check all of your hardware connections? If you are using a breadboard, they are notorious for having loose connections - make sure all of your wires and connections are making solid contact. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to find a problem in software, and it turns out that a wire is poked into the proper spot of the breadboard, but it’s not actually making contact.

If you are really stuck, photos may help, but they will only help if the photo is sharp and clearly shows the actual connections. A blurry photo of the overall project, where you can’t tell what’s connected where is not really helpful.

No Im not getting anything back at all - just blank

Ive just wired up again - from scratch - no luck, same thing

Will take a few photos - thanks