Yun "create interface"

Hi does anyone know where can I found information about the create interface screen on the yun web setup? What kind of interface can I add? And what is "eth0"? Thanks in advance

The eth0 is first interface at Lan, and Yun's lan has only wifi interface for public accessible.

do you mean that I can only use the yun as a server if it is wifi and not if it is connected using ethernet? looking at the "create interface" page the available interfaces are: [Ethernet Adapter: "eth0"] Ethernet Adapter: "eth0" [Ethernet Adapter: "eth1"] Ethernet Adapter: "eth1" (wan) [Wireless Network: Master "Arduino Yun-90A2DAF02784"] Wireless Network: Master "Arduino Yun-90A2DAF02784" (lan) [Custom Interface] Custom Interface

so I think eth0 concern the wired one but I don't know what is that for...

The eth1 is wired ethernet interface of Yun, and connect to Wan