Yun doesn't seem to work while trying to use it as a wireless router

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I have met some problems.

My wireless router was damaged and I'm trying if I can use Arduino Yun as a wireless router
I need to use PPPoE to connect to the Internet (as ISPs in my country usually do) and I configured it on LuCI
Now Network-Interfaces look like this:

I did a "WLAN RST" before I do these works, and I can ping (Google is censored in my country:( using SSH to
I can connect my computer to the WLAN that Yun provides, but when I try to access the Internet, my browser returns an ERR_TIMED_OUT error (which means nothing was transferred, I think). I think some features that Yun has stopped me from using it as a wireless router.

The 'config.txt' attached is the result of running cat /etc/config/* and it may help. (I've replaced stuff like password with /**/)

I'll be thankful if anyone can give some advice and/or tell me that the thing I'm doing is impossible.

config.txt (10.1 KB)