YUN + GSM + Xbee ? Arduino FIO + Xbee?

Hello all,

I'm completely new with Arduino and would appreciate some guidance on how to fit the different Arduino components.

Basically I would build 2 types of Arduinos:

  1. Subscriber station: This Arduino would collect information from an IR sensor and send it to the Base Station via Xbee. Should I get an Arduino FIO and an XBee module? is that enough?

  2. Base station (May be a YUN Arduino board with the GSM and Xbee modules...). This would collect information from the Subscriber stations and send it to the internet via 3G, so I thought a YUN board with the xbee module and the GSM Shield would be enough.

Do you think my approach is correct? Do I need more or different parts for my idea? Any hints?

Kind Regards,


The Yun may be overkill if all you are going to use is GSM and XBee modules. An Uno or similar model should work as well. The strength of the Yun is if you need WiFi or Ethernet networking, and/or the Linux processor to get some more horsepower.

The Fio may make a good subscriber station if you are going to use the Fio's battery as the primary power source. If you are going to hardwire the power source and skip the battery, the Fio's power connections tend to be a bit fussy, at least in my mind.