Yun hangs when Bridge.begin() is called

I have never gotten any programs using Bridge to work on my Yun because Bridge.begin() seems to hold up the execution indefinitely. I put the code below on my Yun an hour ago, which turns off pin 13 after Bridge.begin() executes. Pin 13 is still lit right now. Nothing is plugged into the Yun except the miniUSB cable.

#include <Bridge.h>
void setup() {
    pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(13, LOW);
void loop() {}

Any ideas? Is my Yun just broken?

There is definitely something wrong, that sketch keeps my led lit for a few seconds if I press the 32U4 RST (the one by the ethernet connector) and a minute or so if I cycle power.

What happens if you upload the YunSerialTerminal sketch through USB, open the serial monitor and press YUN RST (the one by the leds)?

These may help:

Problem fixed! I downloaded the linino image and installed it and it started working correctly. Not sure what the problem was, since the YunSerialTerminal seems to show the exact same bootup now as it did before. Thank you for your help!