Yun isn't reconnecting to wifi after being unplugged


I have an Arduino Yun and it isn't reconnecting to wifi after being unplugged. Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid/fix this?

Thanks, Samuel

When that happens, the yun gets back to Access Point mode. Is it?

If so, please access the webpanel: you should find a text area with a bunch of debug messages. Please copy paste it here or on

Yes. it returns to its mode as being an access point. Here is what it says:

Thanks, Samuel

wlan0: authentication with 5c:96:9d:66:4a:0f timed out

When I have this kind of message, I restart the wifi box and it starts working again. Other two possibilities are about the strength of the signal (as the yun receives it) and a power issue (something you attached to the yun and that is draining power, otherwise used by wifi)

Could one of this be?

How do you restart the wifi box? The Yun is plugged in right next to my router. I do have a Adafruit RFID/NFC shield attatched to the Yun as well.

Thanks, Samuel

Unplug it from the power supply, and replug it

Looks like I have a similar problem. Look here