Yun light dimmer

Hi all

My home is lit by 70 DIY LED spots. They are super simple star PCB LEDs mounted on a cooling plate. No electronics is needed in the spot itself. They are driven by constant current power supply (Mean Well LCM-40/60) which can output from 2-100V depending on how many LEDs are put in series.

The LCM-40 also has an 0-10VDC/10V PWM input for controlling the intensity of the LEDs. Internally it always dims the LEDs by adjusting the current output and it only uses the 0-10VCD or 10V PVM as control signal in order to adjust the output current.

I would like to enable this dimming functionality and I would like to use my phone to wirelessly do this.

Arduino Yun seems like a nice low-power platform to perform this simple task. However the need for 10V complicates things a bit.

Would it be possible to use simple DC boost circuit to go from 5V to 10V PWM or will the PWM signal be smoothened too much during the voltage conversion?

Also I need a very simple app for controlling the Yun. Does something like this exist or do I need to make the app myself? I envision just a simple 0-100% slider per room - nothing more.

Just to clarify my idea I have made this simple canvas:

I hope it makes sense.

Thanks in advance :)

Kristian Harley

Hello Kristian,

You can use a transistor on the Yun PWM Output to set up the correct Level on the LCM-40.

As for the App you can use a WebApp. Its much easier to programm.

Regards, Mav

Thank you for your reply, Maverick

Are you suggesting a solution like this?

For control I wish to keep it really simple. I have something like this in mind:

I have very little experience with making apps, but something like this should be rather simple, no?