Yun Linux side broken

Hello, my Yun usb led lit with a weak, barely visible white light. The Linux side doesn't work, no IP address, no way to access via SSH or YunSerialTerminal, even if the MCU side works properly. This procedure doesn't work:

Any ideas? Thanks

so? no one can say something about this? Am I the first person to have the usb led with a barely visible white light?

There was a time when the Yun was new, that when folks complained about a dead Yun, the first question was whether the white LED was on, but very dim. Whenever the answer was yes, the folks at Arduino recommended returning the Yun for RMA replacement. This was back before the folks split off from group. Now that the Yun board is made by, and not available from, it would appear that the folks don't pay much (if any) attention this Yun section of the forum?

I've asked, but I never did get any response as to what the dim white LED actually means. Whatever it is, I guess it's fatal?