Yun: Linux Side Not Working after OpenWRT-Yun Upgrade

Hi everyone,

I got this Arduino yun months ago, it worked fine until I decided to upgrade the OpenWRT-Yun.

(Followed forum: arduino-wifi-getting-started-arduino-yun )

After downloading version 1.6.2 and copying it a SD card (FAT32 format), I started the upgrading process through the web portal. Waited a couple of minutes, but it did not restart. I tried to reset the WLAN but no light is turning on.

I think that the linux side does not work at all!

This is what the YunSerialTerminal gives me…


Any help will be appreciated.

Best regards

YunSerialTerminal_Output.txt (16.9 KB)

This same topic came up yesterday, I'm guessing the solution will be the same: