yun.local is not responding

I'm trying to figure out how the yun works.

I already configured it and can reach it through my IDE on it's IP-address, but the local address is not responding.

After configuration it redirects me to 'myyun'.local, but the browser tells me the site is not reachable. Both on FF as in Chrome.

This seems like basic functionality. Any idea what could be wrong?

I also tried the bonjour workaround, but bonjour tells me no printers are in reach.

thanks in advance.

Just an update.

After I copy pasted the name from the configuration page, I could connect to the local page. But only on one computer, not from another laptop.

I’ve spend the entire afternoon trying to get the basic server exercise running, but alas.

#include <Bridge.h>
#include <BridgeServer.h>
#include <BridgeClient.h>

BridgeServer server;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  BridgeClient client = server.accept();

  if (client){
    Serial.print("client: ");
    String url = client.readStringUntil('/');

Serial Monitor shows “begin”, but nothing else.
The client doesn’t accept. However, I have no clue if this is due to the clientserver or due to the general issue that made my Yun “invisible” (and still does on the other computer).

There just seems nothing to go on here…

Allright, got it to work.

Apparently, 'Rest API Access' needs to be open (in configuration)

Also, in case someone would encounter YunServer 146 Connection refused: just power off and on again.