Yun Memory and Lib´s

.Hi I'm working with Arduino YUN, but because his low capacity I was forced to program in python, in order to process the data in "Linino" processor. Even so, I'm having trouble programming implemented TFT shield, since the library is very heavy. I wonder if there is any way to "increase" the memory dedicated to program or how to free some space by eliminating unnecessary features of the library. Greetings

Not sure if this lib is applicable. But he uses something called memory saver.h

UTFT has been updated. Changes in v2.5: • fixed a bug where some lines were 1 pixel too short • fixed a bug in the init code for 7" modules that were only visible in portrait mode • added basic support for more display modules from Coldtears • fixed some omissions in memorysaver.h

hth vince