Yun Mini does no longer appaers in Device Manager & Arduino IDE Serial port Menu


for a couple of days , I was working on the linux side of an Arduino Yùn Mini and, when I tried to reupload a sketch on the atmega side, the device hasn't showed up on the Serial Port menu. I've checked in the Device Manager but no Serial port or unknown device shows up. I have found [u]this old unsolved thread[/u] and this one with no success.

A coworker bring me an other Arduino Yun mini and it show up in the Device manager as well as in the Arduino IDE but The Yun I was using is already welded on the prototype board (working in R&D) as I already have a working sketch so I need this one to work.

Any help would be appreciated. If there is a chance to brick my board, please warn me. thankya ♥

Ok so I've soved my Issue somehow. I have just uploaded a sketch that use the bridge via wifi. I don't know if the Bridge has a role in the serial port detection or something.

If someone has the same issue, just try this first.