Yun not showing serial monitor with any example


I have recently purchased an Arduino Yun and the Adafruit PN532 RFID/NFC Shield. I am using them together (with the RFID/NFC reader fixed for a Yun) and the serial monitor will not show anything. Do you have any suggestions? I have updated and reset the Yun.

Thanks, Samuel

Okay... I have fixed the problem!

Thanks, Samuel

brightmoon03: Okay... I have fixed the problem!

Please share the solution with us. It could help the next person who runs into a similar situation.

Yes, I am that person....

louisbourdon: Yes, I am that person....

Just a WAG, but the most common error in such case is that people don't realize that the primary serial port in the Yun is used for the bridge and hence sketches/libraries that refer to a Leonardo or an Uno for serial communication won't work the same way, without adjusting the serial interface being used...