Yun SD-Card Access

Hi, another Question ;-)

i call up a a small html Site located on the SD Card of the Yun. (Url xxxxx.xx/sd/datalog.txt) Is it possible to regulate the Access by a User/Password Input?

at the Moment there is full Access when somebody will knows the first URL part xxxxx.xx/sd



mkdir  -p /www/private
nano /www/private/index.html
    <p> REPLACE ME! </p>

access index page

echo '/private:root:$p$root' > /etc/httpd.conf

If the $p$… format is used, uhttpd will compare the client provided password against the one stored in the shadow or passwd database.

/etc/init.d/uhttpd  restart

access index page ( now login/password is required, root/arduino)

Whow, that's to mutch for me today. :o

I will work with your hint tomorrow when I'm not so tired.

I will report, thanl you sunnyyu