Yun - Serial Monitor using Wifi (not USB): Impossible to connect

Hi to everyone. Tring to solve softwareserial and altsoftserial problem debugging sketch on Yun (the serial monitor works only when i reset with the button the 32U4) i connect the Yun with wifi. it results correctly attached with the wifi and every sketch i upload ot it results correctly charged. But when I try to use serial monitor it doesn't work. it results "impossibile connettersi: riprovo...".

I tried to upload the basic blink sketch. the onboard red "L13" led blinks correctly but the serial monitor give me the same message ("impossibile connettersi: riprovo...").

At the beginning: my original skecth tries to connect a common fingerprint sensor communicating via serial (AltSoftSerial using pins 5 and 13) but using USB cable i had no results on serial monitor (9600 baud). It works only if I upload the sketch (via USB) and IMMEDIATELY i launch serial monitor: in this case it returns the "mySerial.Println("Here you are!") " message (in setup section). If I wait a few seconds it doesn't return the messages! WHY?

I thought that using WiFI i could bypass USB and Serial connection problem but I wrote here my problems using serial monitor. Please take note that via wifi the serial monitor use a very low baud rate (300!). I try to change it to 9600 but receives the same error.

Could you help me using serial communication with my Yun and debug it using serial monitor? Thank you for your attention. Bye Luca Menghini

Hello, it seems you are using the Serial monitor and you selected the IP of the Arduino Yun in the port menu of the IDE.

If you select the IP the IDE will try to connect to the Board via WiFi but your sketch has to use the Console instead of Serial.

Serial only works via the USB cable and Console is used to send data over WiFi into the Serial monitor.

Take a look here for more information: