Yun serial question

I'm using the hardware serial in my Arduino to talk to another device. I need debug messages from the Arduino. Normally I would Serial.print(). If I use a Yun is there some other way to talk to the linux-side of the board and get my messages out?


Serial on the yun is the USB Serial1 is the UART that talks to the ar9331. The YunSerialTerminal sketch is a good example of using both.

I'm not sure I understand your reply. Perhaps if I rephrase the question...

I am trying to bridge from my PC to a vending machine with MDB protocol (9 bit parity). Everyone i've found who has succeeded at this has found hardware serial is the only way to make it work. I thought a Yun would be convenient - use the hardware serial to talk to the vending machine, and some other serial to talk to the rest of the world. I thought talking to Yun's linux kernel and then from there to the rest of the network would be pretty straightforward.

Now that I think about it, an UNO with an ethernet shield might also do the trick.

Which method would you suggest?